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Do Something Different

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The time for adventure is near.

Are you ready for adventure off the eaten path? Ready to taste a different side of the city with visiting friends or long time Reno residents? We certainly are.

Beginning in April, you can join us on our Downtown or MidTown food tours that take you on a delectable trip through some of our favorite neighborhoods. We spent this winter marinating on our favorite locales and refining the Reno Food Tours course so we may create the most thoughtfully curated experiences possible.


If you find yourself considering what to do for the upcoming weekend, for your birthday or how to entertain visiting family? The answer is always Reno Food Tours.

IN THE MEANTIME: Check out our current obsession tucked in the heart of downtown Reno.




Roundabout Grill is located on the bottom floor of the Whitney Peak Hotel and is one of the tastier signs of the changin’ Downtown Reno times. Their menu is always seasonal and offers a sophisticated, unpretentious take on American classics.

The restaurant is the love project of Colin and Mary Beth Smith’s wildly successful catering business. They’ve worked hard to carry over their family vibes to Roundabout Grill while also creating a hip, urban outlet for sustainable and modern cuisine.

When you arrive at Roundabout, you’re greeted with their stunning dining room complete with ambient lighting and an atmosphere perfectly suited to their menu.

Every guest starts their meal with the warmest of welcomes: complimentary cheddar biscuits and honey butter. Your meal is made even better with great service (by great we mean the perfect balance of attentive and knowledgable).

All in all, we are thoroughly impressed – and think you will be too.

Reno Food Tours
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