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In Between Meals: Best Vintage Stores In Reno

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Thinking about your next meal during your current meal? We get it. During breakfast, you’re thinking about lunch. During lunch, you’re thinking about dinner. During dinner, you’re thinking about drinks, and during drinks, you’re thinking about whether or not you’ve earned a midnight snack. It doesn’t mean you’re not enjoying your current meal, we like to think of it as thinking ahead like a strategic chess player would. Still, you can’t go straight from one meal to the next, which is why we started our “In Between Meals Series”. A monthly guide to fun things to do in Reno in between meals. This month we’re featuring Reno’s best vintage stores! Reno’s consignment and vintage stores are prime with retro favorites for clothing and home decor.  Vintage shopping gives you the chance to unearth rare pieces and do something good for the environment.

Reno’s vintage stores come in all shapes and sizes, take a shopping expedition circa the ‘50,’60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Junkee Clothing Exchange

Junkee is a Midtown institution that provides hours of entertainment. There’s always something new & exciting (or more appropriately old and exciting). The friendly staff is great at gauging your personal style and pulling options they think you’ll love. Whether you’re looking ‘50’s chic or ‘70’s hippie they have something to make you smile, and the clothing options are only half the store! Check out their impressive home goods selections for vintage tableware, retro furniture and nostalgia inspired decorations!

When it comes to eclectic vintage apparel nobody does it better than The Nest. Their goal is to bring “stuff with a story, a sense of humor or that is just plain awesome.” Mission accomplished. While the shop is smaller than Junkee, their curated selection is nothing short of stunning. Hone in on your boho vibes or mid-century appreciation. Whatever you get, their well-crafted pieces are sure to stand the test of time.

Bad Apple Vntg.


Bad Apple encapsulates Reno’s independent, quirky spirit. The Midtown shop is brimming with retro wears and locally made products. On top of the men’s and women’s vintage garb, Bad Apple makes an effort to showcase incredible local artists making everything from jewelry to art and home decor!

Golden Jackal


The second you step inside Golden Jackal, the nostalgia sets in. Vinyl streams from the record player as you walk amidst immaculate vintage pieces. The shop looks like it could be a movie set and while the prices may seem a little more expensive the quality and uniqueness of the pieces are unsurpassed.

Antiques & Treasures

This Riverwalk District antique mall is overflowing with treasures. It’s the type of place you can get lost in for hours. With over 50 dealers showcasing their one-of-a-kind goods, you’ll find everything from antiques to vintage toys, kitchen collectibles and stunning wares from around the globe. Whatever your fancy, there’s something exciting waiting in this 17,000 square foot treasure trove.

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