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In Between Meals: Take A Self-Guided Midtown Mural Tour

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Reno’s Midtown district is colorful in more than personality, the up and coming neighborhood is filled with murals. Hundreds of murals can be found plastered on the sides of buildings and hidden in alleyways. Get a dose of culture, admire some art and digest between delicious Midtown meals on our self-guided Midtown Mural Tour!


Lahontan Cutthroat Trout by Louis Masai, London, UK. (Summer 2016)

743 S. Virginia Street


Masai painted the colorful cutthroat as part of his “The Art of Being” series. Over 2 months, Masai painted his way across 13 U.S.  cities, leaving behind murals dedicated to endangered species native to those areas. In Reno, he plastered his colorful Lahontan Cutthroat on the side of the building at 743 S. Virginia Street, the piece is on display in an art park where you can find other funky Midtown sculptures.

From the Lahontan Cutthroat head North on S. Virginia and make a right on St. Lawrence St.

Hands Up by Erik Burke, Reno, Nevada (2014)

720 Tahoe St.


Hand’s UP is an emotional piece of art showcasing a black women and her grandson embraced in a dance, underneath the gaze of a crow, amidst pink flowers. The artwork is a commentary on Jim Crow laws that maintained segregation in the states until the civil rights movement.

From Hand’s Up go back to S. Virginia and continue heading North to the Kramer Apartments.

Back in the Days is Now, Erik Burke, Reno, Nevada (2016)

645 S. Virginia


This pop of blue and red on S. Virginia is another creation by local artist Erik Burke. The mural commissioned by the apartment complex is a reminder to appreciate the moment and live in the now!

Next take a right on Moran Street and look at the north-facing wall at the corner of Center 
and Moran.

In the Midst of Midtown, Joe C. Rock (Stockton, Ca)

600 S. Center St.


In the Midst of Midtown is an ode to the vibrant Midtown neighborhood, it’s history and it’s future. The mural is decorated with old-fashioned portraits, ads, and businesses that are a part of Midtown’s story.

Next head South on Center St.

C Major 7, Erik Burke, Reno, Nevada (2012)

777 S. Center St.


A tribute to kids and the arts, this mural can be found behind Diamonds in the building housing Midtown hotspots Arario, Pinon and Noble Pie. The inspiring mural is one of the older pieces and is an important part of the history of the neighborhood. The building was once the home of the Maytan Music Center a Reno institution that organized concerts for children and gave youth the opportunity to try their hand at different instruments and be inspired by music.

For information on more Reno murals, in Midtown and beyond, check out: or to get your fix of Midtown’s best food and art book a Reno Food Tour.

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