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Team Building With Flavor

a group of people sitting at a table

Food is a universal connector. Whether you’re traveling around the world tasting different cuisines or grabbing dinner with a friend, food brings us together.  So it’s no wonder that food tours make for the perfect team-building activity. Food tours give you the opportunity to ditch the desk and explore a city through the delicious food it has to offer!

On one of our Reno Midtown or Downtown food tours, our local guides will give you insight into the area’s history, and showcase local art in between sampling the food at restaurants. Whether you’re a local or traveling team a Reno Food Tour is the ultimate team-building activity and corporate event.

Get to know Reno

Our tours are more than just eating, just like Reno is more than just casinos. Our tours showcase the local personality through art, stories, and history. You’ll leave knowing more about Reno’s unique culinary scene and the town itself. Our walking tours lead people through town and give them a chance to talk and connect in between our stops. There’s the perfect mix of facilitated team building and time to bond amongst yourselves.

Great for groups of any size

Reno Food Tours can accommodate small and large groups. Whether you’re looking to bring your small team of 8 closer together or get everyone on your team of 35 to know each other’s names, we’ve got you. Our intimate tours are designed to make everyone feel included no matter how big or small. We choose venues and restaurants that will be comfortable for your whole team.



Our tours are completely customized to fit the needs of your team. We offer adjustable time frames, good for whether you have an hour or an afternoon. Adjustable time frames make it easy to schedule a tour that fits your team needs. No need to worry about making it back in time for your corporate dinner.

Reno Food Tours also caters to dietary restrictions. If you have team members with allergies, sensitivities or specific diets we’ll work with you to make sure everyone has something they can enjoy at all of our stops.

Last-minute team building 

If you’re scrambling to find a group activity that doesn’t need to be booked and planned months in advance we’ve got you covered. Our dedicated team works with you to plan and execute tours on any timeline.

Get out of the office, discover your city and taste food from mom and pops, ethnic eateries and trendy local haunts. We can’t wait to customize the perfect team building food tour for your team. Reach out today.