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The Best Pizza Restaurants In Reno

a pizza sitting on top of a wooden table

The right Reno pizza for all your pizza moods

Whether you’re craving a greasy slice of New York-style pizza, the thin crust and gourmet ingredients of Neopolitan, or a massive pie to share with friends Reno has got you covered. No matter what kind of pizza purist you are there’s a pizza for you. Here are our favorite Reno pizzas for all your pizza moods.

Best pizza for drinking beer with


Noble Pie – Midtown

777 S Center St, Suite 100

Like tomato and basil or peanut butter and jelly, beer and pizza are a timeless combination, which makes Noble Pie’s Midtown location next to Pinon Beer and Bottle Shop even more convenient. Order at Noble Pie then head next door to try one of the 36 beers on tap, and they’ll bring your pizza over. The pizza is flavorful, made using local, organic ingredients, and available gluten-free. Don’t forget to try the wings.

Best crust


Wild Garlic Midtown

170 S. Virginia Street

Throwing away pizza crust is a tragic thing. It’s shocking how many people get past the cheesy, toppings filled section of pizza and leave the crust edge to languish on their plate. This doesn’t happen at Wild Garlic. Their one-of-a-kind crust is hand-braided, so it’s soft inside and crispy outside. It’s like your pizza is wearing a beautiful crown, protecting the goodness topped interior. Instead of leaving your pizza ends to become compost, you’ll be saveuring them as extra treats. Enjoy the braided crust drizzled with honey at the end of your meal- dinner and dessert in one pizza!!

Best late-night pizza


Sizzle Pie

190 S Center St. 

Open till 4am on Friday and Saturday and 3am every other night of the week, Sizzle Pie is the ideal fix for late-night pizza cravings. Their pizza combinations give fun twists on classics, like the Rudimentary Penne with vodka cream sauce, roasted garlic, goat cheese, and basil. There’s also a robust selection of vegan options.

Most Reno slice


Pizza Collective

148 West St.

Pizza Collective, located inside West Street Market, makes incredible pizza. Their cooking techniques are all traditional Italian. With naturally fermented dough coming out of a stunning Italian wood-fired oven, but we call it the most Reno slice because of their commitment to using the highest quality local ingredients. A bite of any of their pizzas is a true taste of our Northern Nevada bounty. They source mushrooms from Mountain Mushrooms just 12 miles north of downtown Reno and pork products from Holley Family Farms in Dayton. Their hyper-local focus makes for a pizza that’s 100% delicious and 100% Reno.

Best New York Style pizza


Smiling with Hope Pizza

6135 Lakeside Drive, Suite 101

Not only does Smiling with Hope make mouthwatering New York style pizza that you’ll want to gobble down, but you can also feel good about eating it. Owner Walter learned to make pizza in New York in the 1960s, a style he’s still serving up today at Smiling with Hope, which trains people with developmental disabilities. Their incredible combination of quality pizza and do-good mission have earned them many awards and accolades. After one bite you’ll understand why.

Most creative toppings


Southcreek Pizza

45 Foothill Rd.

Located in South Reno Southcreek Pizza starts with excellent ingredients. The dough is housemade using 00 flour and the mozzarella is made from scratch daily. With such a solid base you know you’re going to get something great, but it’s their combinations of toppings that has us praising their originality. Some of their standout creations are the “Paulie Gee” topped with smoked mozzarella, mushrooms, garlic, a farm egg and finished with truffle cheese, parmesan, and black truffle oil, and the “Joe-Pie” a spicy sweet mixture combining garlic, lemon, hot cherry peppers, roasted red bell pepper and finished with agave nectar.

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